"Embrace each day with a smile, for its possibilities are endless!"

Digital Designer | Strategist | Specialist | Solutions Architect

Hello, my name is Wesley.

Welcome to my world of Digital Media.

For the past 12 years, I have worked towards living my passion. That means eating, sleeping and breathing digitally.

My interest in technology and design started at a very young age. My mom is an amazing creative, and she introduced me to Art, DIY, Design and the freedom to be myself! My dad introduced me to MS Dos at the age of 5, where using a command line was the only way to move around on the computer. Back in the 90’s I learned how to open a program using a 16-bit x86 DOS-family disk operating system with no "mouse point and click function" on this marvelous ancient brick of a PC Computer I had access to. It was at this time that I was introduced to Leisure suite Larry and Space Quest, but my favourite games at that time was King's Quest and Supaplex. Little did I know that I was already coding commands within these Floppy Disk games from the 80’s and 90’s, as you had to type in specific strings, phrases and code to move through the games and access the next levels. My love for computers and technology grew from this point on. Art was never far behind me, and as the internet grew, my interest in different cultures, their technology and art grew with it. I remember getting the Microsoft Encarta Encyclopedia CD bundled with our family’s new Lexmark printer back in 1999. On this CD was a trivia game, taking you through different artists and periods. Dalí became a fascination, along with the obscurity of Francis Bacon and the etching genius of Rembrandt and my best-loved “Endless Stairs” of M. C. Escher.

Fast-forward to today where I combine my inspiration for digital technology and art to power my creative design aesthetic and digital development process, which in return supercharges the brands and companies I work with to grow beyond measure! I am so excited to share my digital strategy with you and help you scale, expand and automate your brand and team directives by taking advantage of the internet of things (IOT).

Welcome to my digital world where I share tips, articles and references on how you can be better digitally!

Digital Specialist | Design | Strategist | Architect


As a digital strategist, I combine my collective tradesDigital Specialist/ Designer/Strategist/Architect to achieve goals, seek out new opportunities and solve problems that prevent a client or business from moving forward. As a strategist, my involvement starts from the conception of an idea through to the execution phase, and finally the completed goal. My strategic approach involves elements from SaaS, Data Science and Analytics and CRO measures to create solid building blocks for a digital foundation. My overall approach involves using my expertise in web development and design, social media ads, communication automation, marketing campaigns, brand identity establishment and digital project management.


Graphic Design and Visual Communication play an important role in marketing directives, launching successful campaigns and formulating the brand identity as a whole. I will be touching on a lot of design principles and how visual communication can enhance your presence digitally and in-person as well. We will focus on the new and ever evolving future of design to change up your color palette, improve your identity, and publish quality over quantity! Animation and effects also play a huge role here, along with the new age web development like WebGL experiences!


As a solutions architect, I create digital foundations and structures. It’s a specialized field where I align the business focus with technology solutions and improve the customer’s experience, which provides a good return on investment. Choosing which tech integrations, applications, CRM and automation work flows differs for every business profile. On my blog, I will discuss the tech I use and how to cater to the needs of your business on the operational side and client side. As an individual running a small business, automation can play a huge role in growing your current customer base!


As a digital Specialist, I focus on ADS, SEO and the overall circular network that needs to be present in your online business. This starts with your website, moves over into social media which continues to Google My Business, Analytics and Ads along with other digital media publishing platforms. I focus on Backend and Front end solutions to monetize and benefit from increased impressions and customer engagement. I’m excited to share my tips tricks and freemium tools to improve your online presence!